Wednesday, 26 August 2009



In this Rogers & Hammerstein musical version of the classical fairy tale, where only the genetic miscasting surpasses the implausibility of most colors and sets, a royal heir is as bored with court life as fascinated with commoners lives, but his mother commands another grand ball in his name- he only concedes to attend if another lack of acceptable marital candidates wins him the right to switch to a selection process of his choice. However Cinderella (Brandy Norwood), a black stepdaughter (de facto maid) gets to attend till midnight by the magic of her fairy godmother (Whitney Houston), and unlike her hideous stepsisters is the only one to captures his heart, so when she rushes off he orders every young woman in the kingdom should fit her left behind glass slipper...

Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peter, Veanne Cox, Natalie Desselle, Paolo Montalban, Jason Alexander, Victor Garber.

The music is great as well as the dancing and acting!! It maybe cheesy but I wouldn't expect anything else from Disney! Ive watched this movie a few times with my daughter! Fantastic childrens movie!! Great old Disney works its magic again!

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