Sunday, 9 August 2009

Casino Royale


Bond is back!

Back to the beginning of James Bond's career, MI6's newest recruit (Daniel Craig) is tasked with taking down a man known as "Le Chiffre" (Mads Mikkelsen), a money launderer for terrorists who is raising operational funds at a high-stakes poker game in the exclusive Montenegro establishment of Casino Royale...

Exhilarating, breathless and at times brutal, this is the first Bond adventure since 1987 to be based on one of Ian Fleming's original novels. Paul Haggis (Oscar winning writer/director of Crash) adapts Casino Royale for a new generation as Daniel Craig, new Aston Martin DBS in tow, fills out the tuxedo of the ultra-smooth and ultra-deadly superspy.

Daniel Craig is great as bond, the story is fantastic and the set pieces are breathtaking and Eva Green is a great bond girl. Never thought I would ever enjoy a Bond movie, but this was fantastic!!!
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