Friday, 7 August 2009

Billboard Dad


One's a surfer. The other's a high diver. When these two sisters team up to find a new love for their newly single Dad, it's a fun-loving, eye-catching California adventure gone wild. Mary-Kate and Ashley star in this fabulously funny love-struck comedy filled with crazy schemes and cool surprises. Determined to find their Dad, Max (Tom Amandes), a new love, the girls paint a personals ad on a giant billboard in the heart of Hollywood. After a few disastrous dates, Max finally meets Brooke (Jessica Tuck) and it's love at first sight. There's just one hitch, her unruly skateboarding son is the girls' arch rival. Now, with the girls plotting every action-packed step of the way, they've got to find out if love really does conquer all. Full of outrageous events, mixed-up matches and lots of laughs, Billboard Dad tops the charts as Mary-Kate and Ashley's coolest mischieve-making adventure ever.

This is a really funny movie about a pair of hilarious twin girls who live in Calafornia, USA. The girl's mother died when they were small and their dad had been sad ever since. He spent most of his time sculpting. One day the girls decide that their dad needs a women to cheer him up, so they paint a personal ad for him- onto a billboard!!!!!!!!!

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