Sunday, 2 August 2009

Air Force One


In his most powerful role ever, Harrison Ford is the President of the United States in this must-see blockbuster action thriller.

Aboard the presidential plane - the most heavily guarded aircraft in the world - President Marshall is returning home with his wife, daughter and a planeload of top governmental officials. But no sooner have they taken off when the plane is hijacked by Communist radicals, led by the ruthless terrorist Korshunov. Unless his country's imprisoned dictator is freed, Korshunov will begin killing the passengers.

Now, the most protected man in the world must take responsibility for the safety of those onboard and the future of the free world...

Harrison Ford plays the President of the United States. Gary Oldman play a terrorist who hijacks Air Force One the Presidential plane. The movie has elements of a good action movie but is let down by the fact the most of the movie is set inside the plane and there is so many action sequences you can fit in a plane.
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