Friday, 19 June 2009

Thirteen Ghosts


The family may have moved in but the ghosts aren't moving out in this special-effects spectacular update of William Castle's classic 1960s shocker!

When the Kriticos family inherits a spectacular old house from an eccentric uncle (F. Murray Abraham) they know nothing of its own dangerous agenda. Trapped in their new home by shifting walls, a father and daughter (Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth) encounter powerful and vengeful ghosts that threaten to destroy anyone in their path. Soon the family is joined by an offbeat ghost hunter (Matthew Lillard) who is determined to free the spirits imprisoned in the house.

Caught in a frantic race to save themselves before it is too late, the human inhabitants realise the house is a riddle which contains the key to their imminent salvation...or destruction.

Thirteen Ghosts is a remake of a 1960's movie of the same title created by the brilliant William Castle. The movie follows a man and his children who become trapped in a ghost ridden house that they've inherited from Cyrus (the man's eccentric uncle.) Trapped along with them are a psychic, a lawyer, and a ghost hunter.
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