Saturday, 20 June 2009


Olivia Logan was always the sensible one. The responsible sister. She took after her father, a man as cold and driven as the Cape Cod wind, a man possessed by an inner need to be respected and successful. Belinda Logan on the other hand was a free spirit - carefree, spontaneous, unrepentant and forever free of obligation, worry or responsibility. But although Olivia always knew that one day her younger sister would get into trouble, she never realised that the undercurrents of disaster would grow into a raging flood. Then came that fateful night when Olivia was awakened by the low whistle of the wind off the ocean - a whistle that became an unearthly wail. It was the tragic night that their father would forbid them to speak of ever again. The night they would never forget. The night that would send generations of Logans down an unavoidable path of lies, deceit and heartbreak.

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