Monday, 22 June 2009

Hellraiser 1


In a place between pleasure and pain, there is sensual experience beyond limits. And in a world between paradise and purgatory, there is a horror that feeds the souls of evil. When Frank Cotton solves the mystery of a Chinese puzzle box he enters the world of the Cenobites, a world where the cruel sadists thrive on pain. Restored to life by the blood of his brother Larry, Frank rises to feed on the life force of others. When Larry's wife agrees to provide the sacrifices he needs, the chills are just beginning...

The best of the 8 Hellraiser movies (which in part could be due to Clive Barker having more involvement in this film than any other in the series), which is hugely entertaining at times with great visuals and a good story. There is solid acting from all involved, good use of music and some great-looking Cenobite characters – Pinhead(Doug Bradley) in particular stands-out. It is also very bloody and violent, with some very good effects which still look good in 2006 and has a great ending (the hooks) which has been copied many times since. My only real complaints with the film are that there is not really enough use of the Cenobites and the weak way the Cenobites are defeated in the end.
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