Saturday, 20 June 2009

Garden of Shadows

The prequel to the compelling saga that began with 'Flowers in the Attic', repackaged for a new generation of fans. THEIR DARKEST SECRETS WOULD TURN TO SHAME AND HAUNT THEIR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. Olivia Winfield's hopes blossomed when the dashing Malcolm Foxworth asked her to marry him. But her hopes withered like flowers in the scorching sun when his true nature was revealed. Foxworth Hall, the beautiful home that should have given them so much happiness, became like a prison to her, with Malcolm the cruellest of jailers. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the hand of friendship was offered to Olivia when Alicia, her father-in-law's new young bride, came to Foxworth Hall. The two women were unlikely companions, but soon the laughter of their youth filled the gloomy place. Yet over them both loomed the shadow of Malcolm, whose dark desires were to sow the seeds of a shocking secret that would lead in time to a darkened, locked attic room!

This is a great end to the series. It shows that the Grandmother wasn't always so cold and that the events in her life led her to be the person who locked away Christopher, Cathy and the twins in the Attic. It really gives you the true nature of Malcolm Foxworth that's almost chilling. The incestuous relations of the Foxworth family has some shocking results that give you more of an understanding of what really went on in the other books. Amazing.

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