Saturday, 20 June 2009

Eye of the Storm

The third book in the magnificent Rain series; After a successful first year in one of London's finest drama schools, Rain returns to America to cope with the death of Grandmother Hudson, the only family member who truly loved Rain for who she was. Now Rain finds herself the controlling heir in her grandmother's will, inheriting the vast millions of the Hudson wealth. Rain can hardly believe it. Is this a gift or a test? All she knows is that she is alone to face the rest of the Hudson family. They will not allow Rain to inherit the fortune that is their birthright. They will do whatever it takes to remove this parasitic young woman from their lives. Rain knows how to fight. And she is not afraid to try. But the battle for her grandmother's estate is only the beginning. Rain will soon face a tragedy of her own - a devastating blow to her dreams that will leave her shattered. And finally, Rain will have to come to terms with her own fears to discover the person she truly wants to be.

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