Saturday, 20 June 2009

Beautiful Child

A stunning and poignant account of an extraordinary teacher's determination never to abandon a child in need from the internationally bestselling author of 'One Child' and No. 1 bestseller 'Ghost Girl'. Seven-year-old Venus Fox never spoke, never listened, never even acknowledged the presence of another human being in the room with her. Yet an accidental playground 'bump' would release a rage frightening to behold. The school year that followed would prove to be one of the most trying, perplexing, and ultimately rewarding of Torey's career, as she struggled to reach a silent child in obvious pain. It would be a strenuous journey beset by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and darkened by truly terrible revelations. Yet encouraged by sometimes small, sometimes dazzling breakthroughs, as a dedicated teacher, Torey remained committed to helping a 'hopeless' girl, and patiently and lovingly leading her toward the light of a new day.

Torey Hayden has to be the best writer of non fiction I have ever read.The way she writes,you feel like you know her and all her children.You feel like you have been in her classrooms and know her little ways.She shows her weaknesses and her strengths.For people who have children or work with children,read this book and any tantrum your child has ever had will pale into comparison to what Torey deals with every day in her classroom.

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